Sea sports

The area of ​​Parga with its numerous beaches and lush places is an ideal destination for lovers of water activities. In the beautiful beach of Parga, the Swamp travelers can participate in some of the most exciting water sports. For example they can do water skiing, trips with speedboats, parachuting, banana, Crazy Sofa, Surfing.


The Acheron is a river in Epirus region and crosses the prefectures of Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza. A real river flowing in northwestern Greece and stands in classical mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, Circe directs Odysseus to the underworld, telling him that we must find the point where the Acheron River meets flaming Pyriphlegethon and source of Styx. The term “Gates of Hades” is mythological and archaeological and unequivocally the three iron-clad gates Ancient Nekromanteio of Acheron.

Hiking in Acheron

If you love hiking the Acheron will enjoy a breathtaking hike along the river. A unique landscape, relaxing environment in which to live a unique experience.

   Activities in Acheron

The Acheron you can enjoy various activities since the river has evolved into a sport space of nature. Some of the activities you can enjoy the riding on Sources, paragliding, Rafting, canoe – kayak through the narrow river, archery, climbing, diving and other water sports at the Beach.