Parga is approximately 68 km from Preveza. It is the capital of the prefecture and is located at the southern end. Preveza reminds too strongly as the island is surrounded by sea on three sides and has a marina and. The narrow streets and neoclassical buildings are some of its characteristics.


Syvota is a seaside village quite famous which is located at the south end of the prefecture of Thesprotia, quite near Parga on track to Igoumenitsa. It is built in an idyllic landscape with hills surrounded by a charming bay, islets, dazzling beaches with crystal waters completely justified that the village attracts thousands of tourists from Greece and abroad every year.

Paxos – Antipaxos

Parga possible transition to Paxos and Antipaxos, with one of the boats that make daily day trips.
Paxos is a small paradise, thanks to the charm and authenticity of the landscape, the green waters, the remarkable tourist infrastructure and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the island attracts many visitors every year.
The best way to see all the beaches, is to make a tour of the islands by boat, as most are small and inaccessible by land. Sightseeing Paxos included Gaius of the Byzantine castle, the thermal baths of Ozias, his Gianna and Glyfada, Longos village with taverns and the bars, the village Lakka with stone lighthouse 1832 and Antipaxos with Voutoumi beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the world.


About fifteen kilometers from Parga is the most important ancient monument area. This is the most important oracle of antiquity, the Oracle of Acheron. The ancient Greeks believed that the sources of Acheron were the gates of the Underworld.

Ammoudia beach

The Beach is a major tourist resort mainly because of the great tradition and the significant environmental value. The village of Ammoudia is located at the mouth of the river Acheron and washed by the Ionian Sea. Guests can enjoy the sea and the fresh fish at the taverns beside the sea! According to mythology, the region belonged to the power of the infernal deities, inhabited by Cimmerians, who considered personifications of souls. The village emerged from the bowels of Acherousian lake, which formed the entrance to the society of souls. So just might be considered the characterization of Ammoudia village as the “Underworld”. The distance from the apartments just 7 km.